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Bear Paw Downtown Saloon: A true Alaskan Dining Experience

Savor Fresh Flavors and Exciting Menus in an Authentic Alaskan Environment at Bear Paw's Downtown Saloon

Anchorage is known for its rugged wilderness and breathtaking natural beauty, but the city has plenty of urban charm as well. One of the best places to experience Anchorage’s lively downtown scene is the Bear Paw Saloon. This cozy restaurant and bar has been a favorite among locals for years, thanks to its friendly atmosphere, tasty food, and cold drinks. In this blog post, we’ll give you an inside look at what makes Bear Paw’s so special, from its mouth-watering burgers to its extensive drink menu. So grab a seat and get ready to discover one of Anchorage’s hidden gems!

Ambiance and Comfort

Bear Paw was in essence a true Alaskan dining experience. From the ambiance of light, friendly chatter, to the old Alaskan decor and memorabilia, Bear Paw Downtown was a great place to relax, enjoy great food, and soak in local Alaskan life. There were a few options for seating, being by the bar, at a larger table, or by the windows at small tables for two. The atmosphere was warm and comfortable, with comfy seating and great service. We strongly believe that Bear Paw is an excellent representation of real Alaskan dining, from its decor and ambiance to the friendly and casual atmosphere. 

Food and Drink

Bear Paw offers a variety of Alaskan classics, from seafood pastas to Reindeer Poppers (Reindeer sausage stuffed into Baked jalapenos). We have been to dozens of Alaskan restaurants, all with similar foods and cooking styles, and I would say Bear Paw is a true spotlight of not only Alaskan cuisine, but Anchorage culture and cooking styles. The fresh and classic tastes of local seafood, produce, and meats left a lasting impression throughout the entire dining experience. My main entre was the Seafood Pasta, and I was SHOCKED at how they managed to retain the fresh and crisp flavors of our local shellfish and shrimp. Usually, the ever sought after and difficult to obtain taste of fresh and flavorful seafood cannot be found easily, as it requires a skillful chef with knowledge of seafood preparation techniques. I did not expect this artistry at Bear Paw, but I was happily shocked as I found such flavor in their seafood pasta. After a quick glance at their menu, I can assure any diner that all of their menu options will be a certified hit, with local flavors and culinary expertise shining through the dishes.

Our Menu Recommendation

Here is what we would suggest for your dining experience at Bear Paw:


  • Appetizers
    • Reindeer Poppers
    • Alaska Salmon Dip
    • Crab Dip
    • Calamari
  • Pasta Dishes
    • Seafood Pasta
  • “Best to eat with your hands”
    • Bison Burger
    • Girdwood Burger
    • Reuben Sandwich
    • Crusted Halibut Sandwich
  • “Smoke’N Hot Dishes”
    • AK Fish & Chips
    • Halibut Tacos

Favorite Dish


The Verdict

With an excellent location (Only a block away from our pickup location, and is visible from the Log Cabin Visitor Center), an amazing ambiance and environment, great food, flavors, and locally sourced drinks, Bear Paw isn’t just a convenient place to grab a bite for lunch, but is an excellent all-around diner to experience a true local Anchorage-ite meal. I have not yet tasted a more flavorful seafood pasta, truly! Considering all of the categories and successes, I would heartily recommend Bear Paw Downtown Saloon, and would rate it at 4.6/5 stars. I would label Bear Paw as a must visit in downtown Anchorage, for travelers who have a short amount of time in the city. Overall, a great experience, great food, and great views!