Club Paris: A Timeless Dining Experience

Experience the Vintage Alaskan Charm at Club Paris: A Time-Honored Tribute to Anchorage's Rich History

Locals don’t want you to know about one place: Club Paris. The authentic vintage Alaskan atmosphere and tantalizing flavors of their menu boast a dining experience like no other, showcasing the resilient history of Anchorage’s community as well as our aptitude for fresh and original flavors. Club Paris has been an integral part of Anchorage’s history, from surviving the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake to being one of Anchorage’s first businesses. Located in the heart of downtown Anchorage, Club Paris opened its doors in the late 1950’s, and has been a testament to Anchorage’s vibrant societal cultures since then. From fresh seafoods to the mouth-watering flavors of their ultra secret steak seasoning, Club Paris boasts a menu of variety and of tradition, showcasing the true and everlasting flavors of Old Anchorage.

Ambiance and Comfort

Step into Club Paris, and you’re instantly transported to an era of 1930s chic, where antique charm meets Alaskan history. The warm, softly lit atmosphere envelopes the quaint space, making it feel cozy despite its compact size. Small, intimate tables for two and four are thoughtfully arranged, encouraging close conversation and shared experiences. The faint melodies of classic big band jazz blend seamlessly with the murmur of happy chatter, creating a soothing background symphony. The walls are adorned with a tasteful mix of old historical photos of Anchorage, Alaskan memorabilia, and classic American antique decor. Despite the overall darkness, the lighting is warm, casting a welcoming glow that enhances the vintage allure of this charming restaurant.

Food and Drink

Club Paris presents a thoughtfully curated menu that blends seafood specialties with classic American dishes, offering a tantalizing array of options to satiate any palate. 

My culinary journey commenced with two appetizers: the New Orleans Style Shrimp and the Fried Beer Battered Halibut Fingers. The shrimp, served in a traditional peel-your-own style, delivered a stunning freshness that danced perfectly with their house-made Cajun cocktail sauce. This was a delightful symphony of flavors, where every note played its part to perfection. The halibut fingers, cloaked in a beer batter, were a revelation. The halibut was wonderfully moist, preserving the fresh, seasonal flavors of Alaskan halibut, while the batter added an irresistible crunch. Each bite was a testament to the harmony between texture and taste.

Following the appetizers, my 14 oz Filet Mignon made its grand entrance, sizzling on a hot plate that ensured the steak’s heat and flavors were perfectly preserved. Heeding the chef’s recommendation, I opted for the Bleu Cheese Stuffing—a decision that rewarded me with a creamy richness nestled within the heart of the cut. The steak was so tender that slicing into it felt more akin to cutting through butter than any steak I’d encountered before. Ordered medium-rare, it arrived with a warm, pink center that was as visually appetizing as it was aromatic.

The taste was nothing short of phenomenal. The first thing that struck me was the texture—buttery, rich, and elegant. It was, without a doubt, the most tender steak I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. The flavor, enhanced by what I recognized as a pepper-based seasoning, was exquisite. The searing process had given the steak a perfectly charred exterior, creating an intriguing contrast with the soft, warm interior. This combination of robust flavors and delicate textures was culinary perfection. If I were to score this dish, it would unquestionably earn a flawless 10/10.

Accompanying the steak was a baked potato, topped with their classic cheese sauce, a garlic and sour cream mixture, and bacon bits. This side dish served as a delightful palate cleanser, allowing me to continually appreciate the refined flavors of the Filet Mignon in all their glory.

Our Menu Reccomendation

To encapsulate my culinary adventure, I would emphatically suggest you to follow in my gastronomic footsteps at Club Paris. Start your feast with the Cajun Shrimp and Halibut Fingers, a tantalizing prelude to the main event – the Filet Mignon. After thoroughly perusing their menu, I would also encourage you to try their Steamer Clams, Escargot, and Alaskan King Crab Legs. Given my delightful experience with their seafood, I can assure you that any seafood dish you choose will offer a taste of the fresh, vibrant flavors of the Alaskan seas. In conclusion, Club Paris has meticulously curated their menu, and I am convinced that every choice here is a step towards an unforgettable dining experience.


The Verdict

Club Paris is a cherished gem among locals, and understandably so. The high demand for its dining experience often results in long wait times or the need for reservations made days in advance. Therefore, I wouldn’t typically recommend it to those who only have a brief stay in Anchorage. However, for those who will be spending several nights in our captivating city, Club Paris absolutely earns a spot in my top three recommendations.

This establishment is more than just a restaurant; it’s an embodiment of Anchorage’s past, present, and future. Dining at Club Paris is akin to stepping into a living testament of the city’s rich history, while simultaneously savoring the fresh flavors that define its present culinary scene. With all factors considered, I would give Club Paris an overall rating of 4.7/5 stars. It’s a place where every bite tells a story, making it not just a meal, but a truly memorable dining experience.