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ReHaru Sushi: Japanese Cuisine meets Alaskan Freshness

Savor the fusion of seasonally fresh Alaskan seafood, masterfully blended with the exquisite artistry of Japanese cuisine for a dining experience to remember.

Ambiance and Comfort

ReHaru is the embodiment of a well hidden local secret. From the outside, ReHaru seems to be just another Sushi restaurant, hidden away in a nook near the highway. But, upon entering, you are instantly transported to a fusion of Alaskan and Japanese cuisine, with an open and accessible layout. The seating is amazing, with large and private booths, spread apart tables, and comfortable seating to enjoy your meal both privately and comfortably. Overall, the aural ambiance is quiet, with only a faint ramble from the kitchen and other guests, making it easy to enjoy a calm meal by yourself or with your friends and family. The lighting is simple yet warm, which is a nice change from the harsh Alaskan sun. The seating is wide and large, making it comfortable and accessible for people of all shapes and sizes. 

Food and Drink

Like many Japanese Restaurants, ReHaru’s menu prides itself on showcasing authentic Japanese cuisine as well as local brewery brands and some imported drinks. Their menu also has a wonderful selection of various popular Japanese dishes, ranging from raw sushi, to more Americanized rolls, to classic sashimi, tempura, yakisoba, and a ton of other non sushi dishes for all kinds of pallets. If you’re a raw sushi fan, make sure to try the chef’s choice sashimi, as that will provide you with an array of fresh, specifically selected cuts that will shock you with its freshness. For those who tend to stray away from raw foods, or have dietary restrictions, try their tempura and other fried dishes, especially their crab rangoon appetizer! 

Our Menu Recommendation

When in Alaska, eat as the Alaskans do! While Alaskans tend to cook their own seafood at home and in their own chosen style, we still are absolutely crazy for freshly prepared raw seafood in sushi. Thanks to our proximity to Japan, and our own famous oceanic foods, our seafood is as fresh as it will ever be. Make sure to get a taste of the freshness of the Alaskan sea at ReHaru, it is not worth missing out on. We’d also recommend their bento box options, as they give a perfect variety and taste of their full menu, showcasing the unique flavors of ReHaru. Also, if you can, make sure to try some of their specialty rolls, as they are updated regularly and can bring a bit of excitement to your meal! Overall, you can’t go wrong with anything you choose off of the ReHaru menu, the fresh and new flavors of Japanese-Alaskan fusion will be found throughout their menu.

Favorite Dish


The Verdict

ReHaru is truly a hidden local secret, located near the Dimond Center mall, it is tucked away in a seemingly unnoticeable location. However, the contents of ReHaru far overshadow their exterior, with fresh, flavorful, and original flavors that compliment our locally sourced Alaskan cuisine to perfection. I have been lucky enough to know about ReHaru for over five years now, and I have enjoyed their food each and every time I have gone. 

Overall, I would give ReHaru a solid 4.5/5 star rating. From their food, to the ambiance, to the service, ReHaru is a great choice for a taste of fresh Alaskan and Japanese cuisine. While this spot is a bit of a journey from downtown Anchorage, located solidly in midtown, we’d say it is worth the drive. Get over to ReHaru and taste the true flavors of Alaska!