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Experience the Jewel of the Last Frontier through the charm of the Anchorage Trolley Tours. We are proud to offer four unique tour experiences, the One Hour Tour, the Deluxe Tour, the Salmon Express, and the Winter City Tour. All of our tours include seasonal exclusives, breathtaking sights and vistas, and insider tips and stories from our experienced local Alaskan guides.

Anchorage’s #1 Favorite City Tour! Experience Anchorage’s historical and scenic highlights on our expertly paced 15 mile tour – all narrated by knowledgable local Alaskan guides. Over 50-55 minutes, experience Anchorage like a local – learn our history, experience our cultures, and enjoy the beauty of our state!

Explore the Jewel of the Last Frontier like a local on our 1.5 – 2 hour Deluxe Tour! With exclusive stops, extended narration, and a plethora of amazing vistas and photo-ops, experience the best of Anchorage alongside experienced Alaskan guides.

Chinook, Coho, Sockeye – Oh My! Learn more about Alaska’s largest sport fishing Hatchery on the Salmon Express – featuring beautiful, up-close viewpoints of our local salmon, self-guided tours through the Hatchery, and witness salmon jumping as they journey upstream!

Winter Wonderland! Seasonally exclusive stops, narration, and sights – all on the Winter City Tour. Experience the heart of the arctic through the lens of a local guide – witness breathtaking wintry sights, historical locations, and photo opportunities, all aboard our comfortable and heated winter-equipped bus.

Anchorage Trolley Tours

Discover Anchorage through the lens of four distinct tour experiences with Anchorage Trolley Tours. Our Deluxe City Tour invites you to explore the city’s rich history and culture, allowing you to hop off at exclusive stops for an in-depth exploration. The One Hour Tour is a swift yet comprehensive journey, offering a historic and scenic 15-mile ride through Anchorage’s past and present. Step into the enchanting winter wonderland with our Winter City Tour, a 2.5-3 hour exploration of exclusive winter locations and cultural landmarks. Experience the rush of Alaskan salmon on the Salmon Express, a self-guided exploratory tour through the largest sport fish hatchery in North America! Each tour, led by local Alaskan guides, promises a unique perspective, whether you’re uncovering history, embracing winter magic, or immersing yourself in the richness of our Alaskan salmon.

Our Tours Include

History and Culture

Anchorage's history is rich and central to our Alaskan cultures, from the genesis of the Alaska Railroad to the founding of our city, learn and witness how Anchorage came to become the Jewel of the Last Frontier, and experience our beloved local Culture and way of life!

Local Alaskan Guides

All of our tours are driven and narrated by our expert, local Alaskan tour guides! Each guide offers their own unique perspectives, family stories, and experiences about Alaska; sharing our love for Alaska is our passion!

Amazing Photo-Ops

The Last Frontier is known for spectacular views and sights, and Anchorage is no different! From Point Woronzof's scenic vista of Denali, the Anchorage City Skyline, and the surrounding Chugach mountain range, there is no end to the beautiful sights visible on our tours.


One Hour Tour

Hop on our historic and scenic 15 mile tour of Anchorage. Alaskan guides will share history, family stories, and explore Anchorage’s past and present. From the most riveting moments of yesterday all the way up to present day living in Anchorage, our fully narrated trolley tours visit cultural and historical sites. Watch seaplanes splash land on Lake Hood, hit scenic viewpoints with mountain and ocean views, and travel through Earthquake Park.

Deluxe Tour

Come experience Anchorage like a local with our Deluxe Trolley Tour. On this 1.5-2 hour tour, you will learn about Alaska’s largest city’s rich history and natural beauty. Ride the trolley to 3+ iconic locations throughout Anchorage. Each stop allows passengers to get out and explore for a few minutes, take pictures, and ask unscripted questions to our local guides then get back on the Trolley to continue the adventure. This tour has limited capacity so book today!

Salmon Express

Join us on the Salmon Express for a narrated round-trip tour to the largest sport fish hatchery in North America. At the Hatchery enjoy the unique opportunity to stroll along the creek and witness schools of Alaska salmon navigating against the creek’s currents. At your own pace, step inside the hatchery to discover the meticulous process required to nurture over 6 million sport fish annually.



Join us as we travel 25 miles through this winter wonderland we call home, visiting Anchorage’s historical sites and cultural landmarks along the way. Experience Anchorage alongside our amazing local guides to hear their family stories, share Anchorage’s history, and answer any questions you may have. With many stops to explore and experience why we love Alaska, the Winter City Tour is the perfect 2-3 hour city tour for any arctic traveler.