We ❤️ Travel Advisors

Make the most of your guest’s stay by including our trolley tour as one of the first activities!

They will receive a coupon book with discounts on Local Restaurants, Gift Shops, Tours, and Attractions.
They will thank you later!

They will gain a friend, a local source they can count on for all their questions, needs, and special requests while exploring Anchorage.

All of our guides love sharing why they love Anchorage!

Ensuring each guest has the best possible time in Anchorage is our Mission!

Cyrus Aldeman CEO

Familiarization Tours

Are you visiting Anchorage, Alaska? Awesome! Join us on a Trolley Tour and see what your guest can expect and create some memories for yourself and loved ones. When you tour by yourself it's usually work-related when you bring a friend it's a party! We won't tell your boss. Plus study has shown that a happy person is a productive person! So what are you waiting for, send us an email and let us know you in town or on your way? We will send you a complimentary ticket or a BOGO for you and a friend! Brought the whole family? We got you covered, just send us an email today and we will do the rest!

Local Alaskan Guides

Our Alaskan guides will share history and family stories while exploring Anchorage’s past and present. From the most riveting moments of yesterday, all the way up to present-day living in Anchorage, our guides are knowledgeable and entertaining. Check out this clip of one of our drivers having fun with our guests. It's not just a tour, it's an experience!

Complimentary Coupon Book

Every ticket comes with a complimentary savings guide containing coupons to 40 businesses, all within walking distance of our trolley stop. These coupons are worth hundreds of dollars in savings. After the tour, when they are ready to search the city on their own or get off the beaten path to explore, they will have our savings guide to assist them.

Flexible Reservations

Here at Anchorage Trolley, we believe "it's their vacation, and we are honored to be apart of it". Our tours depart every half-hour, so if your guests miss or need to change their reservation, you can count on us to take care of them at no extra cost or inconvenience. We make booking your guests hassle-free.

Ways to Book Your Guests


Here at Anchorage Trolley Tours, we Value every guest you send to Alaska. You have worked hard to earn their business and their trust. We want you to know we appreciate the hard work you do to make sure they brag to all their friends and family about their trip to Alaska. We give all of our travel Agents above standard commission rates because now more than ever, every dollar matters, and like always every guest matters.

Anytime Tickets

Here at Anchorage Trolley we believe "it's their vacation and we are honored to be apart of it". Our tours depart every half-hour so if your guests misses or needs to change their reservation you can count on us to honor their ticket at no cost or inconvenience to you or your guests.


Do you have a group of 8 or 800 coming to Anchorage?
We can handle that 😁
We have a few options for yours guests
1. We host them all on the same departure time. On one trolley or a few.
2. Email us your guests names and we check them as they arrive. We will place them on the soonest departure time. (usually less them 20 minute. Just enough time to flip through our coupon book or use the restroom)
Either option your guests will enjoy, but it all depends what works best in your itinerary.

Send us an email to start our Fabulous Relationship

Make falling in love with Anchorage easy! Help you focus on your travels, creating memories, and of course making your friends and family back home jealous! We can’t wait to be apart of your Vacation and a fond memory you can cherish for the rest of your life! Your favorite Trolley Conductor

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