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Enjoying Fur Rondy in the year of COVID

Enjoying Fur Rondy in the year of COVID

We know, we know. You are tired of having to change your plans to fit the pandemic lifestyle. If this last year (holy cow it has been a year!!) has taught us anything, it is that plans have to be fluid as we shift towards safety. BUT FEAR NOT! Fur Rondy is still on and they have thought of everything to make sure you can enjoy the festivities while still being safe!
Fur Rondy 1946

History of Fur Rondy

As you old Sourdoughs know, Anchorage was not always the bustling community we love today.  In fact, pre-World War II Anchorage was a small town of about 3000 people struggling to survive those cold winter months. The residents craved something to look forward to, and Vern Johnson, the father of Fur Rondy, gave them that.  Originally just a sports competition that coincided with the time of year that fur traders would come to town, this three-day event has morphed into one of the largest winter festivals in the world- so big that it is now held over the course of almost three weeks!

What not to Miss:  Theater

If theater is your game that we have got you covered!  This year the Fur Rondy Melodrama is celebrating its 31st year.  Nothing reminds us of the old days quite like the vaudeville classics of yesteryear and Rondy has you covered with a completely digital show!  It streams nightly at 7 pm and is something that you are sure to enjoy!

If you need something a little bit more American Idol then check out the Great Alaska Talent competition.  With 6 divisions, you are SURE to find something that gets your heart rate pumping.  This year features a new TIK TOK division that is sure to entertain even the roughest of crowds. All the preliminaries will be held virtually this year so tune in and check them out!


Are you hankering for some unusual sporting events?  Do you miss freezing your keester off while watching others compete?  Look no further!  Fur Rondy has some wild sports for you to partake in.  This year the Outhouse Races have moved to Westchester Lagoon and are sure to bring some laughs.  Don’t be number two in this race to the finish! Get out your porta-potties, strap a couple of skis to the bottom and head down to the lagoon to prove you truly are king or queen of your throne. Outhouses may be built of any material that produces a structurally sound building on skis. The racecourse will be a two-lane course with two teams racing each other down and back around a pylon.

Missing softball season?  Be sure to check out the Snowshoe Classic being held all day today.  Don’t let a little snow get between you and “spring” softball season!   Strap on some snowshoes, gather your friends, and let’s play ball!

If you are looking for something a bit more homegrown check out the World Championship Pond Hockey Tournament.  With five different age divisions, you are sure to see someone you know lacing up skates and hitting the ice.  All games held at Mulcahy


Let your inner artist be filled with joy as you and your family check out the numerous types of art exhibits.  From the Amateur Photo Contest to the Native Arts and of course the amazing Snow Sculpture Competition you will surely find something to fill your heart with joy. Snow Sculptures must be finished by 10 am Sunday, and will stay up all next week!

Fur Rondy

What makes Fur Rondy is, of course, the FUR!  This year they have taken the auction virtual so be sure to check out the AMAZING pelts up for grabs!

Anchorage Fur Rendezvous

And of course, don’t forget the fireworks held tonight!  Find a good spot downtown to socially distance and watch fireworks the only time of year they are actually visible. 🙂 7 pm

For a full list of events, check out the official Fur Rondy Website. What are you most looking forward to Anchorage??

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