Season of Operation: May 4th - Sept 20th

Season of Operation: May 4th - Sept 20th

Dad’s Ride Free!

It is the season of DAD’S!  I don’t think it is a coincidence that Father’s Day is in the summer when we all get to take things a little slower and everything seems more fun.


We want to celebrate this year by allowing Alaska dad’s to ride for free!  That’s right, you heard that.  We want your family to come out and celebrate dad the way that only Anchorage knows how to!  With purchase of a regular priced trolley ticket, Alaskan Dads ride for free June 15-21!**  Call for details and book your Father’s Day Gift today!  #dingding

**Because of COVID-19 we can only hold so many passengers.  You MUST call in advance to make reservations and redeem this discount. One member of your party must show Alaskan ID to qualify.

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