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Anchorage Trolley Official Trolley Socks!

Anchorage Trolley Official Trolley Socks!

? Merry Christmas ?


The Happiest of Holidays

From our Family to Yours!

Hello From Alaska,

Christmas is our family’s favorite time of year.  Every Christmas we celebrate by gathering with our loved ones exchanging gifts, stories from the year, and a good home cooked meal. This year is a little different because of the pandemic, but we are still connecting through FaceTime and Zoom. We are so grateful that we can still do that.

This year is extra special because I was hard at work to come up with a special gift for my dad. Every year since I could remember, I have gotten my dad GOLD TOE socks, his favorite, for Christmas! You may be thinking, socks really?? Yes here in we love to stay warm and we have a saying in my family, “10 fingers? 10 toes? then you will survive”. ? This saying especially as a child has always calmed me down in the scariest of moments because it brings a little laughter to a tough situation.

Now on the hunt for a fun pair of socks, I came across a way to get Official Anchorage Trolley socks! I had my doubts so I personally designed a pair and shared it with a few friends and Family members and they loved them! I went a head and order a pair for him and when they came in the mail I was more then impressed! I instantly fell in love with them!

I am a little biased being the Artists and all,

Well what do you think? Are they FOOTastic?

I know, I know they are Ring a Ding Ding Socks that will make your Feet Sing!

If you would like to order your own pair, visit our ever expanding AnchorageTrolley Store Today!

Thank you so much for reading everyone and again Merry Christmas ? ?

Your Favorite Trolley Conductor


❤️ ❤️ ? ?


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